Thursday, 25 August 2011

Riot Raffle

I've not been away so long this time and I'm back to blog for a good reason!

Following the recent riots and unable to help with the clean-up, Zoe Grant of Zoe and Drew came up with the idea of a raffle to help raise funds for those who had been affected. She wrote a blog post and tweeted the link and within 18 hours 30 independent business's had offered support along with some fantastic prizes! Over the next few days this number rose and there are currently over 100 artists, designers, photographers and independent businesses involved. We at Spotty N Stripy are delighted to be included in that number and have donated a selection of our cards as a prize.

Ours is a fairly modest prize alongside some of the other offerings we have seen and some prizes are worth in excess of £100 so it is well worth popping over to the Riot Raffle pages to purchase at least one, or hopefully more, tickets! You can read more about it here and make a donation to purchase tickets here

The Charity Zoe chose is The Retail Trust. After speaking with them she was assured that 100% of the donation would be used to help small shopkeepers who had lost their businesses or had their shops looted and damaged in the riots.

Below is a small selection of our favourite prizes

Visit the prize page here to see what else you could win.

Please, please, please go buy a ticket now .........

...... thank you! :)