Thursday, 20 May 2010

Folksy Friday 28th May

As we have friends over this weekend for a BBQ I have been busy in the garden tidying and generally making the place presentable! My Folksy Friday items would have all been a great help in the preparation and would have made the garden look a treat had I got organised and bought them earlier ..... maybe for the next one!

The items below are handmade in the UK and available from the online marketplace to buy the best handmade and handcrafted items! (Click the images for more details).

re-crafted_garden kneeler sepia_smiles_seed_packets
driftmoods_slate_plaque juicy_fig_summer_bunting
hippo_house_apron_and_gauntlets Diomo_glass_mosaic_jar_lantern


  1. thats so cool of you - thank you very much and I couldn't be further from upset!!!


  2. Really interesting choices!!! I have enjoyed looking through them all.

    Natalie x

  3. have a lovely bbq and good choices, could have a lovely time in the garden with that lot xx

  4. Haha - love the 'gone to pub' slate and aren't Susan's candle jars pretty. x

  5. Great collection - really fancy a bbq now : )