Monday, 19 July 2010

A spin on the new wheel

So, I finally got the potters wheel out this weekend after receiving it as a fab surprise 30th birthday pressie last month! I had a great couple of hours getting completely covered in splattered clay in 'my studio' (aka, the garage!).

I have perfected my wedging technique but still need plenty of practice on the wheel itself! See below for the three piece's worthy of a photograph ... not perfect, not even round ... but a lot of fun!


  1. Brilliant! it's all about practice with centering - but a very well established potter once told me that women are at an advantage when it comes to throwing pots. You need to use your strong female pelvic muscles while centering (I was never 100% positive what he meant, but when I had that in mind my pots were always more symetrical!)

    Have you ever been to Pot-Fest? if not - look out for it in August - it is AMAZING - potters from all over the world selling their stuff, there are demonstrations, you can have a go a raku firing etc, and the british equipment suppliers are often there - fab day out!


  2. Hi Kath, Thanks so much for your post - the Pot-Fest sounds awesome, I will have to look into this!

    I think I can live with a few more weekends at the wheel to perfect my centering technique - will work on using the pelvic muscles, see if mine turn out more symetrical then too! :)